About Us

Set Apart Ministries, Inc. was incorporated in January of 2000, with officers Barbara L.Klika, Robert D. Klika and Janell I. Schroeder. Though we are registered as a non-profit organization we have never pursued tax deductible status and have been content to receive the limited benefit of being able to use the public service anouncements of the media by that status.

Elsewhere in the site, you will see our history and how this incorporation came about. You can also look at at our Definition of SAM Community page for a description of how we understand we are to be. Though we knew that it was necessary to form a group of people who could be of support to those dealing with severe trauma, it seems our Abba knew much more than we. He established us for this purpose as well as expanding that purpose in two ways:

  • to assist those who have experienced more of the "usual" life circumstances that can still take a toll on our ability to live as He designed us to live.
  • to include the understanding that our "borders were enlarged" and therefore support and equip those who were also leaving behind practices rooted in paganism as we serve our Redeemer, Yeshua Maschiach, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

The organizational aspects of leadership are different than the spiritual and relational aspects. Accordingly, those areas are dealt with leadership who is equipped to handle these things, or in the process of training to do so. Barbara and Robert Klika, with assistance from Janell Schroeder as is occassionally needed are responsible for the management of the corporation and any necessary paperwork.

We take very seriously that one should not be put in a position of leadership if the calling or gifting and emotional, relational, spiritual, psychological maturity is not yet in place to carry out that role. We also value plurality of leadership for strength, flexibility, support and accountability.

This organization is more like an organism and has people at various levels of leadership in their areas of expertise. Barbara Klika is the founding leader and is confirmed in her calling to function to serve as Undershepherd. Janell Schroeder is also confirmed in her calling as a teaching elder.

Founder of Set Apart Ministries and Personal Life Coach

Barbara L. Klika, BS, MSW, Undershepherd

She has been a clinical social worker in practice since 1983 with an abiding interest in working with attachment/bonding and maturity issues for individuals, couples and groups. See Christian Transitions Coaching page for more information on Barb's profesional background. She is a certified Bethel Series Bible Study (based out of Madison, WI) teacher as well as a Certified Trainer for The Creation Gospel with Dr. Hollisa Alewine

She has been a congregational leader for over 20 years in several areas, including Bible study and vocal and handbell choir direction.

Barb has provided the clinical leadership in pursuing the Life Model group and individual teaching and processing emotional and maturity issues since SAM's founding. She offers her gifts of exhortation, discernment, intercession and prophecy to the Body of Messiah, both locally and in our extended community via telephone and the internet through her coaching services.

Board Member (VP) and Teaching Elder

Janell Schroeder, BBA

Janell received her BBA degree in Business Administration from UW-Eau Claire. Janell works professionally as a computer reports specialist for a very large transportation company. She has been instrumental in the founding of Set Apart Ministries, initially functioning as a support person for people going through trauma recovery. She has attended numerous training experiences in this area and has participated in the Life Model program since its beginning.

Janell is a certified Bethel Bible Series teacher as well as a certified Precepts Bible Study teacher and Creation Gospel Trainer. She has also been in leadership in her previous congregation as a member of church council and in Adult and Child Education. She has completed two years work toward her Bachelors Degree in Messianic Studies through the Messianic Bible Institute Yeshiva. She brings her spiritual gifts of teaching and helps to our home Set Apart Ministries community.


Robert Klika, BS

Bob received his BS degree from UW-River Falls in Animal Science.

Bob is retired from his profession as a supervisor in the area of milk sanitation for the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture. Bob has been a leader in previous congregations through service on church council as well as in men's ministries. He completed his high school education in a Roman Catholic Seminary and has participated in Bible study since then through several studies, including the Bethel Bible Study series and Messianic Torah since 2000. He has been involved in Life Model and related studies since 2008. He offers his gifts of helps and administration in our home Set Apart Ministries community.

SAM History of Studies

A list of the studies we have completed in our community from 2000 until the present is available here,should you be interested. We present it here as one example of how a new community might choose to proceed as they establish their course

It is part of being aware of who we are to know what we have studied together. It also facilitates our personal and corporate growth to be able to review, maintain and increase our knowledge base.