Scripture Study Resources

We are often amazed now to think that when we began serious study of the Word, many of us didn't even know what a Strong's Concordance was! Now we view it as a basic essential for those to whom Hebrew and Greek are not primary languages. Since we understand that there are inumerable difficulties in providing translations, and that every one of us has some kind of bias, our choice has been, as much as possible, to have a preference for a Hebrew bias. We have especially enjoyed Zhodiates and Baker Word Study series as they incorporate Strong's numbers right with the text.

We see now how important it is to be conversant with resources such as these to help us move out of our westernized world view and be able to more fully comprehend the Hebrew worldview which is so often almost polar opposite of the western way of thinking or perceiving information.

These study resources are invaluable but we also must emphasize that the foundation of prayerful training and study over many years to effectively draw from them cannot be quickly replicated.

The following suggested resources provide a comprehensive way to study the Word in depth:

Several people in our local community have also found great benefit in using Online BIbles such as E-sword and The Blue Letter Bible.

For more in-depth study we suggest the following tools:

Strong's Concordance
World Publisher
ISBN # 0-529-06334-4

Interlinear Bible
Sovereign Grace Publishing or Hendrickson Publishing (same edition by Green)
ISBN # 1-878442-81-1
ISBN # 978-1-56563-977-5 (new edition)

Englishman's Greek and Hebrew Concordances
(2 separate volumes) Hendrickson Publisher (Wigram)
Greek ISBN # 0-013573-23-X
Greek ISBN # 978-1-56563-207-3 (new edition)
Hebrew ISBN # 1-56563-208-7
Hebrew ISBN # 978-1-56563-208-0 (new edition)

A good Hebrew and Greek Lexicon
Recommended: Thayer's or Brown, Driver, Briggs-Gesenius
Greek Thayer's ISBN # 0-913573-22-1
Hebrew Gesenius ISBN # 0-913573-20-5

Concordance to the Septuagint
Publisher - Hatch and Redpath
ISBN # 0-8010-2141-3

Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew
by Matityahu Clark.
ISBN # 1-58330-431-2


Kleins Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language
by Ernst Klein
ISBN # 965-220-093-X

The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible
by Jeff A. Benner, VBW Publishing
ISBN # 1-58939-776-2

Vines Expository Dictionary - Old and New Testament Words
by William Edwy Vine
ISBN # 10-0785211608, 13 978-0785211600

Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament (Word Study Series)
- Hardcover (Oct. 1, 2003) by Warren Baker and Gene Carpenter

Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament (Word Study Series)
- Hardcover (Aug. 1, 1992) by Spiros Zodhiates

Complete Word Study Old Testament: KJV Edition (Word Study Series)
- Hardcover (June 1, 1994) by Dr. Warren Patrick Baker D.R.E. and Spiros Zodhiates

Complete Word Study New Testament w/ Parallel Greek: KJV Edition (Word Study Series)
- Hardcover (June 1, 1993) by Spiros Zodhiates