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The individuals and organizations represented here are those with whom we have had some kind of positive connection. Some we have found to be helpful in one way or another as we pursue a Torah lifestyle though not all share our Hebraic understanding. Some represent links to other organizations with whom we have only some shared goals. We present them in the hope that our readers will find encouragement and helpful resources as well.

Oswald Chambers: My Utmost for His Highest

This is a classic devotional and one that is deeply challenging for all who desire to get to know our Messiah ever more fully. To read today's devotional, be sure the calendar is on the current month and click on the date.

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Ha Yovel (Tommy & Sherri Waller)

Join the Waller family in serving Israel.

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Broken Yoke Ministries (Bob Van Domelen)

This ministry seeks to support those who struggle with same-gender attraction and also serve as a resource for those incarcerated for sexual abuse and for family, friends and those who minister to them.

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Understanding of the Hebrew Heritage of our Faith: Ancient Hebrew Research Center (Jeff Benner)

Check out Mr. Benner's resources on the culture and language of the ancient Hebrews!

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Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

As a WCN sponsor, we have appreciated the opportunity to reach more people throughout Wisconsin, the US, and internationally with over 57,000 papers placed for pick up in stores around Wisconsin and several other states, as well as more than 100,000 hits a month online. This paper is one of few remaining Christian newspapers across the country. Currently, you can pick up these free print copies wherever they are offered OR subscribe to have it mailed to your home for $35/year. WCN is also hosting radio and TV programs.

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Hoshannah Rabbah Biblical Discipleship Resources

This Messianic Discipleship Resources site is maintained by Na'tan and Sandy Lawrence on behalf of their fellowship group. Na'tan is a prolific writer and scholar. We thank Na'tan for the original outline we used in the development of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah guidelines.

We are a community of born-from-above Believers in Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) endeavoring to rediscover the Hebraic roots of our faith (as modeled by the first-century—New Testament—Believers) who practice a Torah obedient lifestyle with the joy, power and gifts of the Set-Apart Spirit of Elohim (God).

We believe that a great move of the Almighty YHVH Elohim is afoot on the earth today bringing about "the restoration of all things" before Messiah can return (Act 3:21). This involves the Jews coming to know Messiah Yeshua—the Living Torah—and Christians returning to YHVH's instructions in righteousness—the Written Torah, and all becoming one in Yeshua who was/is the Torah (Word) of YHVH made flesh.

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The Life Model

Growing a Fearless People Who Love Like Jesus!

We link brain science with the Bible to create simple, practical tools for churches to build authentic community and transform lives.

Christ-Centered • Sustainable Transformation • Proven Framework

Equipping people with the skills to thrive. So hurt people wouldn't spend their lives simply recovering and "getting by," a small but dedicated group of pastors, counselors, prayer ministers, deliverance workers, abuse survivors, support people and parents looked, studied and prayed their way to a model that would guide us from birth to death-a life model.

A growing number of books, tapes, videos, conferences and training seminars use aspects of the life model, but its essentials are found in a small book called The Life Model: Living From The Heart Jesus Gave you. This book has been translated in several languages. The Life Model is used around the world for trauma treatment, addiction recovery, community development, church design, child rearing and Christian missions.

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Returning to the Garden Ministry Leaders: Bill and Karen Bishop

Returning to the Garden is an expression of heart and mind, a spiritual pursuit in a physical existence, a journey, a way of life.

We seek a reverent, peaceful, loving relationship with our Creator Yahweh and the world around us. We live according to a coherent understanding as it is revealed to us by His Holy Spirit and our ongoing study of His Word.

We invite you to join us as we find the narrow way together, abiding in Him and listening to His Divine Whisper, returning to the garden.

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Messianic Dance Camp International

Ralph and Mindy Seta of Messianic Dance Camps International welcome you to this site! M.D.C.I. is a Messianic Jewish dance ministry. For the last three decades we have been worshiping Yeshua (Jesus, The Messiah of Israel) through Davidic dance, by using Israeli folk dance steps set to contemporary Messianic music. Our heart is to encourage and exhort the Sons and Daughters of Zion, with a heart of worship, to unite with The One who loves them most and with each other. "Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel."
Psalm 22:3

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