Flag Worship

Our Local Commmunity encourages the use of flags or banners in Worship and Praise

The use of colorful flags and banners for worship is a wonderful addition that is often new to people. We consider the opportunity to worship our YHWH Elohim an honor and a privilege while fulfilling the direction to honor His appointed times, most often our weekly Shabbat. In our community, we especially encourage participation by all as they are led, and the use of banners/flags is certainly open to people of all ages.

One of our primary goals as an equipping community is to “build up an army of worshippers” and we understand that our focus on Messiah in worship is a main source of strength for our perseverance through the years; all praise and honor to Him! We want to be an example of what it is to have the high praise of Yah in our mouths and a two edged sword in our hands! (Psalm 149) Accordingly, we offer words of direction, encouragement or correction as we see the need. This may come from any community member who sees a need and addresses it.

Since this is often a new experience, we offer the following thoughts and guidelines.

  • A flag/banner is like an extension of one’s self when in worship, another way to worship our YHWH with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. We approach and release them with prayer. Use of a banner is expressing our love and worship for Messiah, a sacrifice of praise and is not intended as a presentation or performance for people though it is often inspiring and uplifting to see.
  • The use of a banner is like a metaphor or picture of our Messiah Yeshua who stands as an ensign, or banner, for His people. His banner over us is love. A banner overhead is a picture of blessing.
  • Flags/banners are to be used as is appropriate with the worship music. Sometimes it will call for a gentle or even a majestic approach and at other times a more warfare like stance. Some are lightweight and airy, conveying a completely different message in their use and movement from those that are heavier or provide a “snap” or powerful sound of air movement.
  • The colors have spiritual significance and should be used appropriately. A color guide list is provided near the banner table for all to consult as needed. Sometimes combinations of colors are called for and sometimes people will find themselves using flags in a kind of partnership to convey meaning. We especially want to encourage prayerful consideration if the black or burlap flags are to be used, as these colors usually represent especially difficult or deep spiritual issues such as death, humility, or repentance and should not be used lightly. Red is also a complex representation of anything from atonement to sacrifice to warfare and should be used with prayerful care and attention.
    Here is an online listing similar to our understanding.  www.lovecmwi.com/linked/biblicalcolors.pdf
  • The flags and banners provided are instruments of worship, not meant to be “toys.” Smaller ones are available for smaller children so they are able to use them well without dragging or dropping them to the floor. They are all to be handled respectfully. We encourage caution to avoid hitting someone or walking into a flag being used by another. If you do hit someone, please stop and check to be certain they are all right before returning to worship.

Revised May 2011