And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Jeremiah 3:15 NKJV

Plant & Grow Messianic Fellowships

We at Set Apart Ministries want to specifically address the formation, growth and stability of New Messianic Fellowships!

On this page, we provide encouragement and direction to those who are newly coming together to walk in a Torah pursuant lifestyle.

August, 2020

In this guide, you will find our general recommendations for the development of a good foundational understanding of this Torah Pursuant Walk. We understand that most people seem most interested in topical studies as they are beginning to study. However, we do recommend that anyone, individual or group, make a concerted effort to get a good foundational study and understanding of how the Hebraic viewpoint develops as they are beginning to make this transition. Topical studies are good, but cannot help an individual develop a solid basic understanding as they make this shift.

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Newly Revised and Updated 2020!

We are also adding here a newly developed Introductory Booklet for those interested to consider walking with our local assembly. Perhaps it will be helpful for you as you are developing your assembly!

"There is a lot of information about who we are and what we do on our website but we thought it might also be helpful to provide much of that information in written form. Everyone does not have internet access! This little booklet contains much about us, including our statement of faith, our goals, and brief descriptions of many things that are important to us as a community."

NOTE: As an online file it has an interactive Table of Contents to help each one find what they are seeking quickly!

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Building up an army of worshippers!

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Would you like Barbara Klika to come in person to talk about establishing Messianic Community?

Barbara L. Klika, MSW

Personal Life Coach & Undershepherd-Set Apart Ministries

After nearly 30 years as a Clinical Social worker, Barbara L. Klika is now enjoying providing Personal Life Coaching to people of many different backgrounds who are undergoing one kind of transition or another. Working with those interested in spiritual growth while following Messiah Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth is a special passion. She is the Undershepherd and Founder of a Messianic Home Fellowship, Set Apart Ministries.

Barb is also available to provide presentations for your fellowship group. Here is a list of prepared topics you can request. There is no fee but each group would be asked to cover travel expenses.

  • Living Stones being Built into a Spiritual House: The Importance of Community
  • The Nitty Gritty of Shepherding Bedraggled “Sheep:” Personal and Corporate Dynamics as Community Develops
  • A Tree Planted by Living Waters: Prison/Jail Ministry Training to Deal Effectively with Difficult/Immature Inmates
  • And the Two Shall Become One: From Genesis to Revelation Overview
  • Messiah in the Feasts of the LORD: Personal and Corporate Faith Walk after Messiah –Interactive Teaching
  • Maturity and Stability in a Faith Based Assembly For Members and Leaders
  • Standing in Faith: Training to prayerfully come alongside survivors of satanic ritual abuse/Monarch Mind Control
  • The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Hegelian Dialectic
  • Other topics by request.

January, 2020

How Shepherds Can Help People Navigate through the Individual and Assembly Transition Steps from Traditional Christian Practice to Messiah Centered Torah Pursuance

A Summary of Main Points from the Raising Up the Remnant Presentation

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May 2020

GUEST AUTHOR: Angela Moutria; Torah Family

Women and Tzitzit

A question that arises very soon when considering Messianic expression of faith is just what that faith represents.

Consider this PowerPoint OR Document Teaching:

A Question of Doctrine Powerpoint A Question of Doctrine Document

How did "Messianic" Belief Spring Up?

Consider this brief history:

Roots of Messianic Judaism

Perhaps your desire is to develop a community similar to what we are growing:

Our Definition of Messianic Community

A multi-generational group of interdependent, like-minded people with a clear, stable identity based in YHWH, mutually defined and articulated as in a growing organism, with structure, authority, and boundaries; generally based in recognition of attained maturity, and the shared goal of set-apart living in daily interaction; an interdependent network of covenant relationships based in Echad with Messiah Yeshua.

Please check out our basic description of how we see fellowship groups forming. Perhaps you will see your own group's stage addressed here: Community Definition and Stages

At this link, you will find a more comprehensive description of what we mean by: A Torah Pursuant Relational Maturity Community Model

We Believe that a strong Messianic fellowship begins with solid relationship between the individual and our Elohim, Who is Himself, relational, or echad in Hebrew. We have developed a study guide that can be used for those new to Hebraic understanding, as well as our guide for Bar or Bat Mizvah for our young people.

Our focus is two fold, and may be different from other fellowships you find. We include materials for both aspects of growth; Personal development and spiritual growth. We view this as the two aspects that are necessary in order to develop a full and accurate comprehension of our Father's teachings.

My son, hear your father's instruction, and do not forsake the law of your mother;
for they shall be an ornament of grace to your head, and chains for your neck.

Proverbs 1: 8-9

We recommend that it is most effective for growth in knowledge to take place within the context of committed relationships.

Because knowledge gained outside of the context of relationship is only half of His plan for us.

Unless YHWH builds a house it will be in vain, so we advise that it is best for there to be a clear calling as a basis for starting any fellowship group.

Our personal desire to do so is, alone, not enough!

A Messianic fellowship needs to encourage individual faith for its members and yet also is dependent on the integrity and commitment of those individuals.

There is need for balance in both individual and corporate needs as a group is established.

Why not check out our Leadership Development Email Coaching Course to prepare for all that is needed! Check out a course description and how it can help those new to leadership at the link below. This course draws from material on this website, as well as other resources, and puts them together in a weekly format with additional teaching observations provided in each weekly lesson that are not found on the site.

Leadership Development Email Coaching Course

New to the Messianic Torah walk?

When one comes to the understanding that all of the Word is still valid and for all those who follow Messiah Yeshua today, it leads to changes in lifestyle. While there is joy in Messiah to make these changes, there is also often confusion and stress with others who do not understand the reason for your changes. This book includes the responses from people who have made this transition, addressing the ten most challenging areas.

Newly revised and updated in 2018, this book is now available in both Kindle and paperback format!

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NOTE: You do not need to own a Kindle to read this. There is a free computer application here.

Mike Clayton of Joined to HaShem Ministries had this to say about it:

Making the transition from a Southern Baptist Pastor to a Hebrew Roots Teacher was a path filled with many mistakes. I believe if "New To Torah" had been written a number of years ago, it would have saved much self inflicted heartache and strained relationships. I highly recommend this book to all who are new to the Hebrew Roots movement as well as those who have been pursuing Torah for some time.

Restoration of a Torah Pursuant Lifestyle Involves some Dietary Changes but there is a great deal of confusion!

Clearing Up Concerns About our Food Supply --Who Determines What is Clean and Unclean?

An investigative report from a returning Ephraimite, two-house, maturity perspective

August and September 2006, by Robert D. Klika, B.S.Animal Science and Barbara L. Klika, MSW

Concerns About our Food Supply - Recent Questions Addressed

June 2010, by Robert D. Klika, B.S. of Set Apart Ministries

Nutrition in the Garden

August, 2010 by Barbara L. Klika, MSW

Encouragement to observe YHVH's guidelines. Food can take our focus off Messiah. Here is a discussion of how this can happen.