Everyone in Set Apart Ministries, including Barbara Klika, is volunteering their time and talents.
We do not make a charge for any of our services, but we do very much appreciate financial
support since all of them do involve time, cost and resources.

If you find our services to be encouraging and useful, please consider remembering us with a donation.

As a local fellowship, Set Apart Ministries meets weekly for Shabbat worship, prayer, study and fellowship. For local members, there are monthly meetings for both men and women that deal with personal, relational and emotional matters to help us all grow up into Messiah Yeshua, Who alone is our Head.

Prayerful consultation or coaching is available for our community members in one to one sessions with our elders, Barbara L. Klika MSW, Undershepherd and Janell Schroeder, B.B. A. Elder. (Professional coaching may be arranged with Barbara Klika at Christian Transitions Coaching page. Consultations with those not in our community are on a suggested donation basis whether it might be individual or organizational.

SAM has been a part of the Brown County Prison Aftercare Network since its inception, providing support for those recently released from jail/prison, and chaplain consults and Messianic Bible study at Brown County Jail.

We reach out to others around Wisconsin and the world with this website as well as through our sponsorship of the Wisconsin Christian Newspaper. The sponsorship includes the opportunity to provide monthly articles to encourage believers in personal maturity as well as offering an Hebraic perspective on lifestyle and expression of faith.

We also offer teleconferences on several subjects periodically. More information can be found on the Teleconferences page on the drop down menu.

Set Apart Ministries has two email series available to sign up and receive through forms on this website, and again additional information will be found at the drop down menu page, Email Series.

  • Watch and Pray: A series of messages developed as part of encouragement for our local community in the matter of the discipline of prayer as it relates to some of the last instructions we received from Yeshua before He was taken from the Garden.
  • 10 Proven Steps to a Stable Messianic Fellowship Leadership Development Course. See the outline and sign up information at Leadership Coaching Page.

You may also sign up for our "Prepare Messiah's Bride" quarterly newsletter.

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