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Set Apart Ministries Foundational Teaching Tools

Since we are called to mature in every way into our Messiah Yeshua and to teach others what we have learned, all that we teach is founded in our understanding of the Torah, and the Brit Chadasha (what we have called Old and New Testament in the past) This is stated specifically so as to be certain that it is not confused with Talmudic teachings that some call "Torah."

Since there are few resources in the areas of personal growth, maturity and character development that deal specifically with mind, will and emotions, we do draw from secular and Christian resources. The use of these materials is always prefaced with the awareness that the authors are NOT necessarily Torah pursuant. Going through the materials provides us the opportunity to draw from it what is helpful and to help participants see and comprehend the difference between their worldview and our Torah based worldview.

Please see "Torah, Psychology and The Life Model TM: Is it "Kosher?" for a more detailed review of how The Life Model came to be a model for our halachah (the way we walk.)

As I update this page in 2023 I note that these instructional materials were completed much earlier in our development as a community. They still offer much benefit, but particularly, The Importance of Echad in Community, will benefit when we are able to update them with our more recent understandings.

These teachings focus on individual, family, and corporate issues to help us mature.

  1. Maturity in Prayer Life
  2. Drama Triangle for Messianic Communities
  3. The Importance of Echad for Community

Messianic Communities sadly often involve Messy Expectations so there is now a series on this topic. It is listed on the SAM articles page.

An earlier work was done several years ago to examine the foundations of our faith, in response to a statement from someone who was convinced that as a member of the Roman Catholic Church, she was already founded in "bedrock" teachings. Also to be updated in 2023-24, this resource is based on the words of Jude 3, and attempts to help answer the question.

Where IS the "Faith given Once for all to the Saints?"