Local Guidelines

Community Participation Guidelines

In becoming a set apart community, we understand that everyone is not at the same level of Torah understanding. As the early leaders of The Way in Acts 15 established minimal standards for the Gentiles coming out of their paganistic lifestyles, so do we set standards for those coming out of the world system.

As such, we expect:

  1. A desire to enter into worship with a humble and God-centered focus
  2. A desire to learn about maturity in Yeshua and a willingness to be exhorted, encouraged and held accountable. Participation in the Life Model* and various personal growth classes is strongly encouraged.
  3. A desire to continue learning what Torah observance means and moving forward to a Messianic Torah lifestyle
  4. When participating in fellowship with the community, we ask that everyone adhere to the food guidelines as outlined in Leviticus (Wayyiqra) 11.
  5. That our speech and actions should reflect a Biblical lifestyle, including respectful speech to one another and avoiding gossip.

We are always willing and interested to talk about the how and why of these guidelines!

You also, as living stones, are built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God through Yeshua the Messiah.

1 Peter 2:5 HNV

A visitors experience with our SAM Community Winter 2009

"My Shabbat with the Set Apart Ministries Family...I had the privilege of visiting this precious community a number of weeks ago. What I saw there in my opinion is rare. The worship time was especially sweet. There were no time restrictions. Everyone seemed to just be resting in His presence.There was circle dancing and flags. Each one who came to worship the King in flag presentation was completely unaware of anyone else other than Yahweh. Each one gave their all to Him and Him and alone. This was not a performance this was beautiful worship. I wanted to participate in the flag worship but I knew that I would be self conscious and take the focus off of Him. I did not want to do anything to break the atmosphere of surrendered worship. Each person in the circle dance was also given fully to him. each was there to worship and worship only. I was aware that although there was a teacher present the Ruach was so very present in leading and guiding all that was done and said. There was no jealousy or competition... I could sense the freedom in the room. Each yielding to the gifting in one another with such love.I will always remember my time with the Set Apart Family with great fondness. The gift of hospitality was especially noticeable. There were several who helped to make my time there go smoothly. Homes were opened to me, taking me out to lunch and giving me rides. This was family time for me!!!! Bless each of you.I hope that we see one another again."