Our Teachings

A Growing Body of Believers, called to discipleship, growth and restoration of all those who look to Messiah Yeshua

Prayerfully striving toward our calling to be of sevice as an Ezer Knegdo, or Helpmeet to the whole Body of Messiah.

What We Offer

We are a non-profit "organism"-- more like family than "organization"-- that grew out of a calling to provide discipleship, restoration from trauma, prayer focused counsel, and Yeshua centered community.

Our people come from all walks of life and varied faith community backgrounds with the common focus now on growing up in every way into Messiah Who alone is our head.

Our experience and learnings in our years together as a community are not so different from others although we do strive to deal with "Mama's Torah" of character development as well as "Papa's Torah" of Scripture knowledge. (Proverbs 1:8-9). Some of the tools that we have used as we have been building community for all we want to share is found in our first three teachings: Maturity In Prayer Life, The Drama Triangle and The Importance of Echad in Community. These teachings are one place to start in considering what we have here on this site.

Another way to start would be to go to the Leadership Coaching Course. This course provides ten lessons toward developing stability in community, but also provides a "guided tour" through our materials in a way that builds on the concepts in order.

We emphasize that the Torah of YHWH, what we have called the Old Testament in the past, IS the plumb line for all we do and teach. Suitable materials dealing with growth, maturity, and character development coming from a Hebraic world view have not been found to date. When we use materials with a Christian or a secular base, we are continually also defining where we stand in Torah in the matter. If the teaching strays from our understanding of Torah, we do not follow.

We offer encouragement and teachings through personal contact and various online and teleconference options. (Barb also offers personal or organizational coaching sessions, arranged through the Christian Transitions Coaching section on this site.) Since we are a small local body, we do not have the resources to promise great financial help, but what we have, we gladly share.

We understood some time ago that our Abba has been building Set Apart Ministries (SAM) "slowly, quietly and deeply" enabling our roots to be deep so that we can stand when the world gets even more difficult than it is now.

Our teachings, encouragement articles, PowerPoint or video materials are organized by topic as you look through the drop down menu items. The videos, PowerPoints or Slideshows are found on the Audio and DVD page. The articles by Barbara Klika and SAM members as well as by other authors are also listed aphabetically by topic on the Articles page.

All of them come within the scope of dealing with our mind, will and emotions for individual as well as for corporate growth, stability and strength. Some will come from a Scriptural Torah perspective first, incorporating psychological understandings and some will move from psychological matters to a Scriptural Torah basis.

"Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work."

Oswald Chambers

Materials Addressed to Both Leaders and Members

Initially, we had tried to focus on one or the other group so you will see this as you browse through our materials.

It became more obvious as we have gone along, that it is important for BOTH groups to be familiar with what may be of primary importance to the other.

We see this as important for shepherd/teacher leaders to be aware of issues that are of more personal nature as they encourage their people, but also important for people to be aware of what they should be looking for in evaluating their shepherd/teachers. We see plural leadership and accountability to be just as important as accountability mutually between leaders and members.

Plant and Grow Messianic Fellowships

Those materials that seem most important when establishing a NEW Messianic Fellowship have been gathered in one place on this site hopefully to make them more accessible.

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