Yahweh's Set Apart Ministries, Kenya, East Africa

This picture is from Barb Klika’s visit to Yahweh’s Set Apart Ministries in Kenya in 2011.

Introduction Letter from Elder Peter Ndungu Warari

Yahweh's Set-Apart Ministries is a sabbath keeping, Leviticus 23 feasts observing assembly in Kenya, East Africa. Our main assembly is in Limuru. Our roots go back to seventh day church of God way back in 1970s.

The pioneer of the ministry attended the CoG in late seventies. It was later in 1980s he was to learn of the feasts and after thorough study established that the feasts are still in effect.

This is Elder Peter’s family at Sukkot 2020.

Yahweh's Set-Apart Ministries officially started in 2007. It was incorporated in December 2009, not long after we learnt through the Internet of Set-Apart Ministries in America. Although we are not legally bound together, we took the same name and have been working together since then. We were invited to tour America but due to many issues it was not possible to get to the USA. We invited Barbara Klika to come encourage us here in Kenya and within months she arrived here to encourage brethren. There were 12 Yahweh’s Set Apart Ministries assemblies in Kenya then, and she visited 8 of them.

Peter Ndungu, a young father then, with a young assembly was trying to find a balance to bring up the close and extended family. Barb was a blessing to the ministry and encouraged us to be bold and strong.

Peter was able to provide some teaching over the radio in June and July of 2013.

Peter all along felt called to travel and plant branches. He was passionate about preaching the Torah and the set-apart names.

One of the 8 assemblies Barb was able to visit while there.

When Barb visited she experienced first the travels to various branches. A smooth road always ends up to a dirt road somewhere before we can reach brethren. This one was in Kisii. (Not to mention the need for emergency repairs… and regular wheel alignments!)

The visit by Barb came up with a close working relationship for the soon coming kingdom of our Messiah. We all honor and praise the Most High. The relationship has weathered many storms and stands strong for more than a decade, almost two!

As of today, Peter's close family has adult sons and daughters and the extended family has more than 200 believers in various locations, with the newest branch in Uganda. This is Peter and his wife, Margaret, and their eldest daughter, Redemptia, at her college graduation celebration in 2022.

We thank ABBA for new found brethren. ABBA continues to add his own to his own from time to time.

Set-Apart Ministries is like a refuge for those facing hurdles in search of the precious faith once delivered to the saints. It’s our desire to see souls coming to repentance and walking the narrow path of righteous. We seek not to lean on our own understanding. We submit to His will and His leading.

As of today, we want to build a Praise House (House of Worship) in Njoro, Nakuru county. How we pray that YHWH, who does exceedingly much more than we can pray for, will provide.

Blessings to all who seek to walk in truth and spirit.


Our Set Apart Ministries assembly here in the US has been honored and blessed to encourage our brothers and sisters in Kenya. They have some unique cultural challenges there but also some of the same kind of concerns that we also face. Monthly financial support has been a part of helping them grow and support the elders needs as well as helping toward meeting emergency needs of the people that come to them. Although funds seemed to go further there than in the US for many years, that situation is changing as costs rise. Our people there are just now able to plant some gardens again after three years of drought.

We have been pleased to partner with them as we provide study materials and Bibles that help us all to mature and grow up into Messiah Yeshua and are thankful for our mutual prayer support!

As we receive communications from people in Kenya quite often, we are also thankful for Peter’s willingness to “vet” the people as to their true identities and plans.

Peter’s commitment to plant assemblies continues today. Many years of investment by SAM elders from Kenya, traveling over the dusty roads to Uganda usually by motorbike, led to the establishment of an assembly there a few years ago. We helped them with covering costs for the roof to protect what they had begun.

In 2023, they are seeing a new assembly in Njoro, Nakuru and are currently praying for the funds to complete the praise house building they have already started to prepare!

We present this information on Yahweh’s Set Apart Ministries so we can all celebrate together over what our YHWH has been doing, and WILL DO, here and there!

We would welcome any additional financial support or resources, and happily send it along with our monthly support to them. You can donate toward Yahweh’s Set Apart Ministries by mail or online at our donation buttons…making a note how you want to direct the funds.

Updates from Elder Peter

Shalom to all from Yahweh's Set Apart Ministries in Kenya!

June, 2023

I was asked to write about our evangelism efforts and how we view them here. The work continues to increase, taking lots of our time and energy. But all in all, we praise our Heavenly Father.

Our agenda has always been to know YHWH and to make Him known. We know for sure He does hear our prayers. Mostly, we are guided by two scriptures:

** Ephesians 1:11;-predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, .. He works out everything and it means just that--everything. Our health. Our families. Our finances ...etc. etc.

When I got the revelation of this Scripture, I remembered my days in school. All the way back in primary school, I was a very small boy, but I was always top in my class. There were many bullies. My bigger brothers and cousins were in the same school and same class. Whenever any of the big brothers appeared and someone was manhandling me, my brother would literally arrest the bully and ask me to beat him all I wanted.

In life's challenges and in working as an evangelist, I see Yeshua as the big brother and he truly is. He has a plan and He wants us to work it out according to His will. He is able to arrest the giants .When we see forces working against that plan, we will not faint or tire. We are reminded a plane takes off against the wind.

From time to time, we get government officers who inquire about how we worship the way we do. Even like in the co-vid protocol days, we gathered and they were not happy. We thank Father, Who is willing and helping us work out His plan. Without Him, it would be an effort in futility.

** In Mark 16:15 we are commanded to go to all the world and preach the good news. We believe there is a remnant in every locality. Doing his will, we identify the remnant by the way he/she receives the glad tiding.....

It is not always easy to travel rough unknown and sometimes dangerous terrain. One time I went to a certain location and decided to try a new route. I would take like 45 minutes to reach a smooth road. My adventurous route took me more than two and half hours. Even the car developed some problems being an old vehicle. Fuel consumption doubled. And I was literally afraid driving all alone.

We have a golden assurance. Yahshua is always on our side. Unlike our big brothers way back in primary school, who would come to our aid from time to time, Yahshua is here with us even when we walk in the valley of death.

We get countless calls of seekers needing to be enlightened. We thank Abba that in times past we studied diligently before we embarked on teaching. We are able to teach from an informed point of view and impart the 'better way' as He leads us.

We do pray when we receive an invitation either from an individual or a family. Sometimes we will sleep in grass thatched and mud walled houses, but again, the end justifies the means. If a single soul can come into the kingdom, we won't even remember our struggling. I remember once we slept in a timber house being built but had no door. The location wasn't far from a big forest.

Many want to shine like the sun to others lives. Yet none, or very few, want to shine like the moon to shine to those who are in real darkness. Our light may not be very bright due to many constraints, but we shine where its darkest.

Once we get one sincere seeker we try to equip him/ her and we set the ball rolling, knowing beyond doubts the Big Brother is here.

"The Word is alive and has power!: Our duty is not to convert; our duty is not to convince or even condemn. Our mission is to tell the truth!