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From 2005-2008, we provided two newsletters a month. One was for those interested in personal growth and maturity issues.

The other was for those interested in Messianic or Hebrew Roots lifestyle. They are not categorized by topics in each one and we were not going to continue them in this 2023 update of our website. Then we noticed that the statistics for the old website were showing that very many people were coming to our website FIRST through these links. So we decided to maintain this archived list as an unexpected "introduction" to Set Apart Ministries for those searching online for these topics.

This is our listing of Messianic Community and General Interest Coaching newsletters. We hope you join us in the adventure of learning to walk more fully in the ways of our Messiah, Y'shua/Jesus of Nazareth.

If you are finding yourself dealing with personal challenges or transitions, Personal Life Coaching could be the boost you need to get over the hurdles.

Messianic Community

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