Echad in Community

Echad is Hebrew for Unity

We have understood for a long time that it is very important to work on genuine unity, or echad in Hebrew, for a community to be stable.

Over the past few years, since learning to study thematically and through The Creation Gospel we have begun to see even more clearly that this season as we draw near to Messiah's return includes a special challenge to our unity.

Examination of the seven fold Spirit of YHWH that rests on Messiah Yeshua will show that the seventh one has to do with awe and rest in Him. The seventh force in opposition to this as found in Proverbs 6: 16-19 is strife among brothers.

Having worked with satanic ritual abuse survivors for many years it has been made known that the evil one's "strategy" for this final season has been involved with the picture of satan as Lucifer. A Luciferian agenda is one that deals with the appearance of light and good while being wholly given to evil underneath. We have called this a form of duplicity, appearing to be one thing while in fact being another.

We understand that those who are serious about Torah pursuant community in Messiah Yeshua will be a prime target for schemes of duplicity and division.

Community Spiritual Warfare: The Importance of Echad in Community

This is the third of our Foundational Teachings, built on the two that have gone before: personal maturity and interpersonal issues.

I was only able to do the PowerPoint and Narration separately, in order to allow our teleconference participants to be a part of the process. (My apologies for the slight background noise that I couldn't clear out!)

My thanks go to Michael, Rivkah, Theresa, Doug, Lisa and Adrienne for their willingness to be a part of bringing this material to you, and for their questions and insights shared.

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PowerPoint Presentation: Community Spiritual Warfare: The Importance of Echad in Community

There is so much more yet to say! You and your community may also invite us to bring this presentation to you.