Drama Triangle

We are pleased to provide a teaching to help Messianic Fellowship leaders, and members, better understand the kind of relationship conflicts that can erupt in groups as well as some remedies to deal with them in a YHWH honoring way.

The following links will take you directly to audio recordings of several people from our SAM community discussing the impact of conflict in relationships and how to overcome it. We extend our thanks to Dr. Stephen Karpmann, PhD, who has graciously allowed us to amend his teachings for Messianic fellowships.

Please hear them with our heartfelt prayer that they will be a blessing to you and your community. All glory and honor to Yeshua our Messiah and soon coming King!

BONUS: If you are not already familiar with the Life Model concepts of maturity levels, here is the track in which Janell Schroeder of SAM briefly explains what is involved in each level.

If you have found benefit in this teaching, please consider going on to our teaching on The Importance of Echad in Community. This teaching incorporates the maturity principles of the Life Model, individual and corporate prayer life, Drama Triangle and community, putting it all in the framework of a Hebraic understanding of spiritual warfare.

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